❝ Fork ❞

A fork delicately painted on all sides of the piece. Pictured is a 360º scan of the work, featuring tiny dancers, demons and other worlds. Over three weeks from start to finish painting the design, with the smallest brush to achieve the narrative. Choose your own story, talk to the characters. The concept seeks to make your belly full of fairy tales. Over 20 glazes have been applied, reacting in alternate combinations that make the figures come alive.  Think of the transitions, a new change is coming.

  • 9” in Length by 2” in width.
  • This piece is decorative, and has a smaller hole at the bottom allowing the work to be pinned to the wall or looped with your favourite thread.
  • A tracking number will be provided for shipping.
  • This is a single work, pictured is the front and the reverse sides.